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If you are new to Kratom, you may find Kratom confusing. And why is that? Simply because of the options you have, from different types of Kratom strains to vein colors and product forms, it is hard to choose which strain or vein color to buy first. This is where free Kratom samples come in handy. We have 14 strains of Kratom Powder from Indonesia.. and the good news is, we can provide all the sample for you in one package. 

Strains List

  1. White Hulu
  2. White MD
  3. White Borneo
  4. White Bali
  5. Red MD
  6. Red Bali
  7. Red Hulu
  8. Green MD
  9. Super Green
  10. Green Bali
  11. Green Hulu
  12. Green Borneo
  13. Gold Borneo
  14. Yellow Bali

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We use the best and most fresh material before we handle & ship the product.

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We have experienced handle online order since 2008 and have shipped to 60+ countries around the globe.

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We give best offer that you can get and we’re focusing on wholesale. But if you need the small qty, just let us know.

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At SoKratom, we here to provide the best kratom powder from Indonesia in wholesale price. If you need reliable supplier for Kratom, we have 14 strains of kratom powder. We can supply for your store or even you can buy it on small quantity. Just let us know. 

Health Benefit of kratom

There’s pro & cons of this plant. But we will inform your about several benefits of Kratom, you can check our video.

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Even we’re focused on online basis, but you can also contact & reach us through our office in Bandung, Indonesia.

get 14 strains samples

14 strains? Yes, you’re right! You can try our 14 sample with free shipping. It only cost USD 29.90. Each sample has 10 grams. So, you can try first ^ enjoy our Kratom powder with small quantity, before you decided to purchase in big quantity in near future.    

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